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A Night in Emerald City

Vegala Daze

Come in your favorite gala wear, celebrate life, enjoy live music + live art , dine in for plant based delights, and shop with your local business.

Don’t forget to get your raffle ticket to participate in our Day Date Raffle with Terry!

July 18th


Location Disclosed After Ticket Purchase

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Ride & rise


Thank you for your support

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Thank you for being an active participant on our website and within our community. We see you and acknowledge you. Your contributions and engagement are truly valued.

We love and appreciate the USA for its rich diversity and innovative spirit. The blend of cultures, ideas, and the drive for progress and creativity are truly inspiring.

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Vielen Dank für deine aktive Teilnahme auf unserer Website und in unserer Community. Wir sehen dich und schätzen dich. Dein Engagement und Beitrag sind wirklich wertvoll.

Wir lieben und schätzen Deutschland für seine beeindruckende Geschichte und kulturelle Vielfalt. Eure Präzision, Innovationskraft und wunderschönen Landschaften sind wirklich bewundernswert.

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Dziękujemy za aktywny udział na naszej stronie internetowej i w naszej społeczności. Widzimy Cię i doceniamy. Twoje zaangażowanie i wkład są naprawdę cenne.

Uwielbiamy i doceniamy Polskę za jej bogatą historię i piękną kulturę. Wasza gościnność, tradycje i niezłomny duch są niezwykle inspirujące.



Nomination rules

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Nominations close

October 21st

Voting Starts

October 25th

Voting ends

November 21st

Nominee must be a member BRC

Only nominate the person once

Give a brief description why you are ​nominating them

Highlight projects the nominee has ​undertaken that align with the award

Emphasize the nominee’s dedication, ​integrity, and commitment.

Breathe & Rise

Annual Fashion Show

fashion • Health & Wellness• spirituality


This event is not just about showcasing fashion; it's about making a difference. Proceeds from ticket sales support our mission to bring holistic practices into mental health clinics, hospitals, and clinics, making healing accessible to those in need.

Love panel


Next Show TBA

essence • your • essence

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We Are Kids

Day Retreat


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Why people prefer us

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Expertly Trained Guides

All of our guides are certified in either breathwork, sound therapy, and yoga. The pillars of BRC all have a bachelors or masters degree in their line of work wether it be kinesiology, psychology, sound engineering, education, etc.

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Up-to-Date Practices

Our team practice what we preach. We are all real people that go through life just like you. We aim to lead by example when it comes to staying aligned with God Source Energy

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Inclusive Environment

The space we create is one that allows you to come as you are. We belive that you have the right to live your life how you choose. We also choose to host our events such as Vegano Daze, and the We Are Kids Retreat in trusted locations.

Feedback from our Community

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Absolutely loved the energy and vibes of the space and healers. My friend and I did a walk in breathwork session and Jay. It was incredible, he did such a wonderful job guiding us through the session, and I left feeling onnected to my higher self and balanced with peace and joy in my soul. I cant wait to go back for an ice bath!! Thank you so much for sharing your practice with us today


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I recently visited for the first time, and I was honestly blown away by the experience. I have never done breathwork, sound therapy, or even yoga really. Jay and Mahal are absolutely best kind of people. They made me feel so safe and able to actually let my walls down and truly embrace the new experiences. The environment was so welcoming and calming, it felt like home. I left there feeling less stressed and more relaxed thanI have been in a long time. I would and do recommend to all my friends and family and anyone else i end up talking to.

Christopher W.

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Recently went here for a team building session that included breathwork, euphoric yoga, and sound therapy and it was AMAZING! I loved how Mahal and Jay created a space that is safe and authentic. They verbally set their intentions before each session and afterwardsgave a debrief of what they noticed about our groups energy. I felt grounded and rejuvenated after the session and can’t wait to return

Téa B.

What to Know


Our Mission


Our Vision

We aspire to inspire a global movement of holistic wellness, harmony, and self-empowerment, fostering a more compassionate and resilient world for all.

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Who we are

Breathe and Rise Collective believes that God lives within all of us. We are a dynamic team united by a common purpose: to provide holistic health and wellness to our community, San Antonio, and one day the world. We inspire and empower individuals on their journey to holistic well-being and self-discovery. Our organization is founded on the belief that transformation is within reach for everyone, and we are committed to harnessing the profound benefits of breathwork, sound healing, yoga, and talk therapy to facilitate positive change in the lives of our community.

Contact Information

We want to hear from you!

Hotline: 210.629.4171

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Want to Host an Event?

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